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The study aimed at understanding the effect of albendazole therapy on the viability of protoscoleces and recurrence rate of hydatid disease of the liver.

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Albndazol is indicatd th tatmnt a vaity wom instations. It is ctiv against whipwom, hookwom, oundwom, pinwom, tapwom and thadwom. It has alsbn shown tb ctiv in th tatmnt Giadia inctions in childn. Albndazol tablts may b chwd, swallowd cushd.

Stat oom tmpatu. Stin a dy plac. Dnot stin a bathoom. Kp all dugs in a sa plac. Kp all dugs out th ach childn and pts. Thow away unusd xpid dugs. Dnot lush down a toilt pou down a dain unlss you a told tdso. Chck with you phamacist i you hav qustions about th bst way tthow out dugs. Th may b dug tak-back pogams in you aa.

Th phamacokintics ALBNZA in patints with impaid nal unction has not bn studid.

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calves in the treated group were given 20 mg kg 1 oral albendazole once daily for 3 days.

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